11 February 2017

Private portuguese group opens hospital in Oman

11 February 2017

Hospital da Luz will open a private hospital in Oman with an investment of 70 million

11 February 2017

Hospital da Luz builds a private hospital with 100 beds in the Sultanate of Oman

11 February 2017

Oman luxury hospital will have Portuguese DNA and cost 70 million

10 February 2017

Hospital da Luz will buid a hospital in Oman

20 June 2016

Hospital da Luz invests 14 million in a hospital in Cape Verde

19 June 2016

Hospital in Cape Verde will be a reference in medicine

17 May 2016

IV Birthday Hospital da Luz

19 May 2014

Hospital da Luz celebrates its second birthday

16 May 2014

Hospital da Luz is planning to grow within and outside the country

26 February 2014

Health is a commodity that can also be exported

13 June 2013

Hospital da Luz has already conquered its place in healthcare.

20 December 2012

Hospital da Luz celebrates an agreement with Dona Maria School

12 December 2012

Ferticentro is now part of the Hospital da Luz health care complex

28 November 2012

Two more births at the Hospital da Luz Maternity Hospital

25 November 2012

Hospital da Luz cheered up children