Luz Saúde

Luz Saúde

Luz Saúde was established in 2000 and is one of the largest health care groups in the Portuguese market.

The group provides its services through 30 units (including 14 private hospitals, a hospital of the national health service operated under the Public-Private Partnership program, 13 private outpatient clinics and two senior residences), located in the North, Central and Central-South regions of Portugal Continental and in Madeira.

On February 2014, Luz Saúde became the first private company in the health sector publicly listed.

On October 2014, the Portuguese insurer Fidelidade became the majority shareholder of the company, owning the majority of the shares of Luz Saúde.

The principal strategic orientations of Luz Saúde include:

  • Development of an integrated network of healthcare providers that incorporates hospitals, outpatient clinics and specialized healthcare facilities.
  • Establishment of partnerships with the public sector through the Public-Private Partnership programme.
  • Development of specially designed residences for seniors - senior residences with services.


Hospitals and Ambulatory Clinics:
Hospital da Luz Arrábida
Hospital da Luz Aveiro
Hospital da Luz Coimbra
Hospital da Luz Funchal
Hospital da Luz Guimarães
Hospital da Luz Lisboa
Hospital da Luz Oeiras
Hospital da Luz Póvoa de Varzim
Hospital da Luz Setúbal
Hospital da Luz Torres de Lisboa
Hospital da Luz Vila Real
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Águeda
Hospital da Luz Clínica da Amadora
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Amarante
Hospital da Luz Clínica do Caniço
Hospital da Luz Clínica Cantanhede
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Cerveira
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Coimbra
Hospital da Luz Clínica da Figueira da Foz
Hospital da Luz Clínica Lagoas Park
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Odivelas
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oiã
Hospital da Luz Clínica de Pombal
Hospital da Luz Clínica do Porto
Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora

Hospital Beatriz Ângelo

Hospital do Mar Cuidados Especializados Lisboa
Hospital do Mar Cuidados Especializados Gaia

Senior Residences:
Casas da Cidade Residências Sénior Lisboa
Casas da Cidade Residências Sénior Carnaxide

Hospital da Luz Coimbra

Welcome to Hospital da Luz Coimbra

Idealmed – Unidade Hospitalar de Coimbra, acquired by Grupo Luz Saúde in March 2018, changes its name and will be, now on, designated Hospital da Luz Coimbra.

The new identity reflects the integration in Hospital da Luz network, reinforcing its assistance capacity in the centre region of the country.

The purpose of Hospital da Luz Coimbra, the largest private hospital unit in the region, is to be recognized as a pole of reference in the area of complete and specialized healthcare providing, through the practice of medicine of excellence and innovation, viewing to obtain the best results in the perspective of patients.

The hospital has over 40 clinical capabilities, functioning in integration and aggregating all medical and surgical specialities. It has five operating rooms, 71 consultation rooms and 66 in-patient beds.

It will continue to support and operate in close articulation with its four satellite clinics – Hospital da Luz Clínica de Coimbra (Idealmed Clínica Solum), Hospital da Luz Clínica de Cantanhede (Idealmed Clínica Cantanhede), Hospital da Luz Clínica de Pombal (Idealmed Clínica Pombal) and Hospital da Luz Clínica da Figueira da Foz (Idealmed Clínica Ponte Galante).

Hospital da Luz Coimbra will maintain all agreements established with the main insurance companies, complementary health systems, companies and entities, which list you can consult in the site. It also maintains all previous contacts.
Hospital da Luz Coimbra will continue to be responsible for the treatment of the clinical and administrative data of all Idealmed clients. Therefore, clients are required to confer the Privacy Information concerning personal data treatment, which can be done here.

The quality of the healthcare provided at Hospital da Luz Coimbra being a priority for us every day, we thank you beforehand for continuing to place your trust in our hospital. We expect to live up to your expectations.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

The shared mission of all those who work in the Luz Saúde units is embodied in how they apply best practices daily to achieve excellent results.


Luz Saúde vision is to be a leading healthcare provider recognized as a reference of excellence and innovation in highly specialized and complex medical care.

Luz Saúde commitment is absolute and unequivocal: to ensure the best diagnosis and medical treatment that talent, innovation and dedication can provide.
Luz Saúde offers a full range of healthcare services that ensures continuity of care and can respond to changing health needs of people throughout their lives.


Achieve the best health outcomes from the perspective of patients through rapid and effective diagnosis and treatment, with absolute respect for the patients individuality, and to build an organisation capable of attracting, developing and retaining exceptional people.

In order to fulfil its mission, Luz Saúde, through its employees, is committed to:

› Placing the interests of patients ahead of the personal interests and of the organisation.
› Abiding by the highest ethical and professional standards.
› Humanising medicine, creating empathy with patients and their families.
› Developing long-term relationships with our customers – patients and third party payers – based on efficacy, integrity and trust.

› Providing the best possible healthcare that scientific and technological advances allow.
› Investing in cutting edge technology for providing innovative treatments.

› Working with the best professionals and fostering their continued development through training investment and implementing a culture of highly demanding standards and personnal overcoming.
› Managing an efficient, high-quality healthcare structure made up of competitive and dynamic employees who are strongly committed to the organisation, to its mission and values.


Eight fundamental values lie at the core of the Luz Saúde culture:

A tireless quest for results
We are determined to achieve ambitious and measurable results in fulfilling our mission. We continue to vigorously pursue our final objectives even when we encounter difficulties and obstacles along the way.

Intellectual rigour
We force ourselves to critically examine all we do, approaching each subject and decision with rigour and sound reasoning in our search for the best ideas and solutions.

Ongoing learning
We reflect on and learn from our experience in order to improve our future performance.

Personal accountability
We give the best of ourselves and assume responsibility for achieving the best results possible in our sphere of activity.

Respect and humbleness
We respect others and their ideas and we count on their contributions. We recognise the limitations of our experience and value other perspectives.

Positive attitude
We are ambitious in our objectives, we enthusiastically embrace new ideas and we take pride in our results.

We are honest, loyal and serious in everything we do, always mindful of our shareholders’ values and expectations and, above all, those of our customers.

Team spirit
We believe that collective effort is the best way to achieve our objectives and enhance the impact of our actions on the community.

Governing Bodies

Governing Bodies of the Hospital da Luz Coimbra (Idealmed III - Serviços de Saúde, SA)


 Manuel de Sousa Leite da Silva   President


 Isabel Maria Pereira Aníbal Vaz   President
 Ivo Joaquim Antão   Board Member
 João Paulo da Cunha Leite de Abreu Novais  Board Member
 Tomás Leitão Branquinho da Fonseca  Board Member
 Pedro Beja Afonso  Board Member
 Luís Gonzaga Machado Ferreira  Board Member
 Nuno Ricardo Gaioso Jorge Ribeiro  Board Member


Ernst & Young Audit & Associados, SROC, S.A. (SROC n.º 178)
Represented by Rui Abel Serra Martins (ROC n.º 1119)

Management Team

Management Team

 Isabel Vaz   President
 Pedro Beja Afonso   Board Member
 Luís Gonzaga Machado Ferreira  Board Member
 Ivo Antão  Board Member
 João Abreu Novais  Board Member
 Tomás Branquinho da Fonseca  Board Member
 Nuno Ricardo Gaioso Jorge Ribeiro  Board Member

 Artur Rebelo   Pharmacy and Materials
 João André Coutinho   Infrastructures, Maintenance and Equipment

 Filipe Caseiro Alves   Clinical Director
 José Carlos Campos   Deputy Clinical Director
 José Manuel Nascimento Costa   Deputy Clinical Director

 Noémia Sousa   Nursing Coordinator
 Luísa Pais   Nursing Coordinator of Inpatient, Consultations and Urgent Care
 Gonçalo Marques   Nursing Coordinator of Operating Room and Central Sterilization

Management Team Luz Saúde

Management Team Luz Saúde

 Accreditation and Quality Certification (Clinical Audit) Tânia Ramos
 Central Imaging Diagnostic   Pedro Patrício
 Central Negotiation Procurement  Gabriela Valido
 Digital Clinical Center  Petra Matias
 Commercial  Luís Martins
 Clinical Operations Design and Control   Cristina Mesquita
 Finance and Auditing   Nuno Pires
 Training, Research and Innovation  Francisca Leite
 Risk Management  José Varela Gonçalves
 Infrastructures, Maintenance and Equipment  Henrique Bentes
 International Patient Services   Eve Jokel
 Legal and Compliance  João Ferreira Rebelo
 Logistics and Operational Support  Pedro Lima
 Marketing and Communication  Marisa Morais
 Business Development  Simão Fezas Vital
 Organization and Processes  David Veloso
 Planning and Business Intelligence  Jorge Santos
 Transversal Nursing Programs  Jorge Humberto Sousa
 Human Resources  Paulo Barreto
 Client Experience  Nelson Brito
 Financial and Administrative Services  Ana Freire de Andrade
 Information Systems and Technologies  David Vieira



The evaluation and selection of suppliers and products for the Luz Saúde units are based on objective and rigorous standards to ensure a high quality service delivery and client satisfaction.

The negotiation of purchases of equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals is carried out by Central Negotiation Procurement, in order to rationalize and standardize quality and cost in all units.

For this, tender competitions are conducted specifically for each functional area or medical specialty. The tender process follows objective rules and criteria, in order to optimize  the quality / price binomial for all acquisitions. The suppliers with the highest relative importance for our units are evaluated according to the evaluation methodology practiced in the group. This evaluation is taken into account for new tenders and acquisitions.

Purchases for Luz Saúde (Hospital da Luz, Hospital do Mar, Casas da Cidade, Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora, Hospital Beatriz Ângelo) are operationalized by specific teams, which interact directly with the Central Negotiation Procurement and with the different areas in each unit.

We are demanding with our suppliers because they are our partners. We want our relationship to be solid and transparent, so we invest in tools that facilitate the communication our needs and the analysis of the offer available in the market, in particular through an e-procurement platform.

If you are already a supplier of Luz Saúde access the e-procurement platform.

If you wish to register for access to this platform, please contact the Central Negotiation Procurement (send email message).

Social Responsability

Social Responsability

Luz Saúde is committed to social responsibility through transparency in our business activities and in the provision of healthcare services that includes the involvement of all stakeholders - employees, clients and families, suppliers and shareholders.

Luz Saúde is committed to social responsibility through transparency in our business activities and in the provision of healthcare services that includes the involvement of all stakeholders - employees, clients and families, suppliers and shareholders.
To fulfill our commitment to social responsibility, Luz Saúde promotes initiatives on several levels with the aim of making contributions to a healthier society and in achieving greater solidarity with people who are more vulnerable.

Examples of this are:

  • childrens visits to our units, to create an early awareness of preventative health
  • free health screenings for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity
  • promoting social inclusion by decorating some of our units with the art of young people and adults with disabilities
  • production of audiovisual materials to support patients and their families
  • offering internships and conducting training for health professionals

Also as part of social responsibility, Luz Saúde collaborates with organizations that share similar objectives in the commitment to solidarity, support for the needy, support for caregivers, and in promoting dignity and autonomy of dependent people and their families.

In this respect, we highlight our collaboration with ADVITA - Association for the Development of New Initiatives for Life, in the production of two new DVD sets of training materials, that together, offer a unique and comprehensive training support to caregivers of dependant people.

Privacy Information

Privacy Information

Esta unidade de saúde pertencente à Luz Saúde protege a sua privacidade e tratará os seus dados pessoais, enquanto responsável pelo tratamento.

Os dados pessoais recolhidos na unidade, incluindo os direta ou indiretamente relacionados com a sua saúde, serão tratados pela unidade para prestação dos serviços de saúde, designadamente para realização de diagnóstico médico e prestação de cuidados ou tratamentos de saúde mais indicados às suas necessidades, auditoria e melhoria contínua dos mesmos, bem como para a gestão dos serviços (incluindo comunicações por telefone, SMS, e-mail ou correio, nomeadamente sobre agendamento de consultas e meios complementares de diagnóstico ou faturação).

Os seus dados de identificação e contacto, bem como os relativos à saúde, serão incluídos em bases de dados das unidades Luz Saúde que serão relacionadas entre si, para manutenção de uma ficha de cliente única e prestação de cuidados de saúde integrados em todas as unidades.

Neste contexto, os dados poderão ser transmitidos a entidades subcontratadas para prestação de serviços, nos termos dos contratos celebrados com as mesmas, ou a entidades terceiras para as finalidades aqui previstas e para efeitos de cumprimento de obrigações legais da unidade, de deliberações da Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (CNPD) ou outras autoridades de controlo, de uma ordem judicial, ou para proteção de interesses vitais dos clientes, ou para efeitos de acreditação da unidade de saúde ou certificação dos seus serviços, bem como para a avaliação e medição dos níveis de serviço da unidade de saúde.

Os dados recolhidos e constantes do seu processo clínico poderão ainda ser anonimizados ou pseudonimizados e, posteriormente, utilizados no âmbito de trabalhos e estudos científicos, incluindo estudos retrospetivos ou prospetivos.

Os dados relacionados com a sua saúde apenas serão tratados por profissionais obrigados a sigilo e na medida do necessário à prestação de cuidados de saúde, podendo ser comunicados aos seus familiares, quando esteja em causa o exercício de um direito em sede de processo judicial ou para efeitos de diagnóstico de doenças hereditárias ou genéticas, se estiver física ou legalmente incapaz de dar o seu consentimento. Caso pretenda que os serviços prestados pela unidade de saúde sejam abrangidos pelo seu seguro ou subsistema de saúde, os dados de saúde relacionados com tais serviços poderão ser comunicados à Companhia de Seguros ou ao subsistema de saúde de que seja beneficiário, sendo que estes são obrigados a sigilo.

Os dados pessoais necessários à prestação dos cuidados de saúde serão conservados nos termos da legislação aplicável ao arquivo da documentação hospitalar e pelos prazos aí definidos.

É garantido ao Cliente, mediante a verificação das condições legalmente previstas, o direito de acesso, retificação, apagamento e portabilidade dos seus dados pessoais, ou limitação ou oposição ao seu tratamento, através de contacto presencial numa unidade de saúde, pedido escrito para o endereço de e-mail, ou através de contacto telefónico com o Contact Center da Luz Saúde. O acesso à sua informação de saúde poderá ser exercido diretamente (ou por terceiros com o seu consentimento ou nos termos da lei), ou por intermédio de um médico, se o Cliente o solicitar, mediante pedido escrito dirigido ao Serviço de Apoio ao Cliente.

Sem prejuízo de qualquer outra via de recurso administrativo ou judicial, tem direito a apresentar uma reclamação à CNPD ou a outra autoridade de controlo competente, caso entenda que o tratamento dos seus dados pela Luz Saúde viola a legislação aplicável.

Para mais informações sobre os termos do tratamento de dados pela Luz Saúde ou sobre esta Política de Privacidade, poderá contactar o nosso Encarregado da Proteção de Dados para o e-mail ou através do telefone + 351 213 138 260.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hospital da Luz Coimbra (Hospital da Luz Coimbra, SA) ensures the respect of privacy to this site Users, adopting the necessary measures of protection of their personal data.

The access and visit to this site does not imply in itself the automatic availability of any personal data identifying the User. However, the use of certain content or services may imply the availability of personal data by Users.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use of the website, and regulates the gathering and treatment of personal data provided by Users, as well as the exercise of their rights regarding these data.

Collection and Treatment of Data

Hospital da Luz Coimbra is responsible for the collection and treatment of Users personal data. The personal data collected are treated and stored electronically by Hospital da Luz Coimbra or subcontractors, and are destined to respond to Users appointment scheduling, comments, clarification requests and suggestions.

When the User fills out a contact form in Hospital da Luz Coimbra site, a series of personal data are gathered: e-mail, telephone and subject. These data are mandatory for the request to be accepted and treated.

Forms also include an entry field for description of the subject and/or additional personal data, spontaneously provided by the User. The purpose of personal data treating in the scope of the website is to manage contacts with Users, responding to their requests of clarification/comments/suggestions. In that sense, the legal basis for the treatment of personal data is the establishment of a contract, where the data subject is a contractual party (together with Luz Saúde or a Luz Saúde unit) or there is pre-contractual diligence on request of the data subject, as applicable. 

Personal data collected will be stored so as to allow User identification exclusively during the period necessary for the purposes of collection and subsequent treatment, after which the data will be eliminated. Hospital da Luz Coimbra assumes that the data collected are provided by the data subject User or upon his approval, being accurate and true.

User Rights

In accordance with the law, the User has, at all times, the right to access, update and correct his personal data, as well as the right to eliminate or restrict data treatment and portability, and the right to oppose to data treatment, under the conditions previewed by law.

These rights may be exercised upon written request addressed to Luz Saúde, Rua Carlos Alberto da Mota Pinto, 17 – 9º, 1070-313 Lisboa, e-mail:

Data Sharing

Hospital da Luz Coimbra can share Users personal data to/when:

  • Other Grupo Luz Saúde entities, to respond to Users requests of clarification/commentaries/suggestions, if applicable;
  • Subcontractors for the purposes abovementioned, in the terms of the contracts established
  • Such data sharing is necessary or adequate: (i) under the applicable law; (ii) in the fulfilment of a legal obligation/judicial order; (iii) in the fulfilment of a deliberation by the National Committee for Data Protection or other competent controlling body; or (iv) in response to requests from public or governmental authorities;
  • Data sharing is done to protect vital interests of Users or for other legitimate purpose previewed by law.

Safety Measures

Hospital da Luz Coimbra make their best efforts to protect Users personal data against unauthorized access via Internet. To this end, they use safety systems, regulations and other procedures in order to ensure personal data protection, and prevent its unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, loss or destruction.

However, it is Users responsibility to ensure that the computer they use is duly protected against malicious software, electronic viruses and worms. Additionally, the User should be aware that, without adoption of the appropriate safety measures (for instance, browser safe configuration, updated antivirus software, safety barrier software, and no use of dubious software), the risk of access to personal data and passwords by unauthorized third parties increases.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that whenever data gathering is done in open networks, such as Internet, data may circulate in an unsafe manner, implying the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.


Without prejudice of other administrative or judicial resources, the User has the right to submit complaints to the National Committee for Data Protection or other competent controlling body, in accordance with the law, if he feels that his data treatment by Hospital da Luz Coimbra breaches the legal regime in force at the moment.


If the User has any questions concerning his personal data treatment and in exercise of his rights granted by the applicable law, particularly those referred in the present policy, he may contact Luz Saúde at:

Telephone: 217 104 430 
Address: Rua Carlos Alberto da Mota Pinto, 17 – 9º, 1070-313 Lisboa

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Alterations to Privacy Policy

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In case of substantial change in the process of treatment of the User’s personal data, this one will be informed of it, if contact data are available.

User Terms

User Terms

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