Motivated Professionals

Human Resources

For Hospital da Luz Coimbra its Human Resources are its greatest asset.

We seek to continuously identify Professionals whose personal traits are based in Competence, Dedication and Humanism.

We instituted rigorous training programs, as well as careful continuous evaluation processes of our Human Resources, ensuring the constant updating of all our Professionals.

Having in mind that the evolution of our services is the consequence of a common effort, Motivation is one of the main characteristics of our Professionals, who constantly improve their Qualities to the highest standards.

Spontaneous Application

Hospital da Luz Coimbra invites all those interested in joining our Teams, to apply via email:

Cooperation Network

Contacts with the Industry

Hospital da Luz Coimbra promotes the work done by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry Laboratories in the transfer of information, allowing and encouraging professionals that represent these companies to develop their activities in our premises.

In order to organize these professionals' access to the Hospital da Luz Coimbra premises, we recommend previous scheduling with the Clinical Body support secretary services.

The establishment of partnerships with the entities represented promotes continuous improvement in the managing of the inherent processes of this professional area.

Partnership in services

Hospital da Luz Coimbra, following a logic based on the provision of Quality Health Services, implements partnerships with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry Laboratories.